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White face masks (50 pieces)



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This is a lightweight face mask with an adjustable metal noseband for added comfort.

  • BFE 99% (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency)

This is not surgical grade. grade. When you go outside to work or for running errands, it’s important to wear a mask to be protected from various bacteria and viruses. Especially these days when we need to be protected from COVID19, wearing a face mask is compulsory. So this means that you should buy a quality face mask. That’s where we can come to help you. At Brows & Beyond, we are dedicated to offer the highest quality Face Mask Auckland which is kept comfortably secure over your nose and mouth. We offer lightweight Face Mask Auckland with an adjustable metal noseband for added comfort. It is bfe 99% (bacterial filtration efficiency), earloop, fluid resistant, latex free, 3 ply woven and 100% fibreglass free.
We guarantee your satisfaction because our face masks create no gap between the mask and the face. Moreover, if you combine it with handwashing and social distance, you will achieve better results. We pride ourselves that our masks are always in high demand thanks to the level of protection that they can offer the individuals who wear them correctly. We also ensure that your budget is met. Just order Face Mask Auckland from us and the package will include 50 pieces. Now we have in stock and can ship it as fast as possible. We are one of the reliable suppliers, so our face masks are worth every penny you spend. They are made of the finest quality materials with the strictest of hygiene standards, so order them and stay away from viruses.

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