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Peak Dotwork Ink Drawing Cartridge BLACK — Box of 20



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The Peak Dotwork Ink Drawing Cartridge helps you practice and master your dotwork, stippling, whipshading, and linework skills. This cartridge fits easily into any universal cartridge tattoo machine and makes hand-drawing feel just like tattooing. Aside from tattooing practice, this cartridge also lets you create artwork on a variety of mediums (wood, canvas, etc) for your portfolio. 

  •  Colour options: Black, Red, Blue
  • Ballpoint pen for tattooing practice 
  • ~1.75″ worth of ink inside the pen tube
  • Pen can draw a line up to ~657′ before running out of ink
  • Fits into any universal cartridge tattoo machine  
  • Makes hand-drawing feel like tattooing 
  • Practice dotwork, stippling, whipshading, and linework 
  • Can also be used to create general artwork for your portfolio 
  • Used for dotwork and stippling practice 
  • Manufactured by Peak 
  • Sold as a box of 20 
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