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MicroGel is specially formulated with a gel base that provides support wounds and hydration adds for all skin types, specifically for oily skin types. Suitable for post-care of all wounds, cuts, minor burns, tattoos, micropigmentation of face, scalp, body and plasma lift.


The light and enriching formula readily absorbs into the skin and provides a ‘moisture locking’ breathable barrier that keeps the wound area clean and card for during heailng There is often a lack of understanding in how to treat oily skin post-procedure, and htus a specialised product such as MicroGel (combined with correct technique and care) ensures a better retention of colour than traditional methods. The formula is powerwd by ‘silver’ and ‘young coconut water’ infused with the healing properties with of arnica, comfre, aloe, calendula, honey, and other natural ingredients, that calm inflammation and irritation, relieve itching, and reduce the damage caused by free radicals to traumatised tissue. Increases fibroblast production and rapid wound repair based on science data study. One of MicroGel’s critical features is that it supports oily skin types by hydrating without adding oil – thus providing support to the tissue without compromising its natural healing mechanisms.

DIRECTIONS: Ideal for all skin types and any area of the body especially for oily skin types or artist who prefer a gel heal – formulated originally for eyebrows, but suitable for any micropigmentaion site, wounds, burns, minor cuts, plasma lift, fraxel, post chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Let wound heal naturally for the first 6 hours post-procedure. After 6 hours, apply MIcroGel 2-3 tmes dail using a cotton pad or cotton swab for 7-14 days post-procedure.

Skin may feel slightly ‘tacky’ after application, as a result of the hydrating formula; this prevents the skin from drying out and forming a hard ‘crust’ before fully healing.This gel is excellent for all body tattoos and is 100% natural, cruelty free and for all skin types.

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