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LUXE – Black Umber



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Cool and dark brow color with high opacity.

EU REACH Compliant & BVL Registered.

Super cool and as dark as it gets, this brow-perfect black has a touch of warmth to play well with melanin-rich skin tones. May also be used beautifully as eyeliner.

Opacity: High
Temperature: Very Cool
Formulation Properties: Blend
Fitzpatrick Scale: 4,5,6

What it is: Hand-crafted ink/pigment color to inspire and elevate your art.

Why you’ll love it: Our unique blend of the highest quality inks/pigments, with the absolute best ingredients, ensures maximum color concentration for lasting, true results that never shift or change.

What you need to know: Perfect on their own or blended to create a custom shade, each ink/pigment is designed to enhance your client’s natural beauty and unique skin tone. Our team tests every batch for consistency and safety, so you never have to worry about nasty additives, or how our colors will show up in your clients’ skin. Ethically made and ethically tested, Perma Blend is certified vegan and cruelty free.

Directions for use: Do not mix with water or other thinning agents. To change consistency, only use Perma Blend Thinning or Shading Solutions.

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