Golden Corrector (Contains Titanium Dioxide)



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When talking about PermaBlend’s corrector colours, we have put together a
series of four. PermaBlend’s colours are not dependent on modifiers, this is
why we do not have a modifier series. We created the corrector series to
correct the brows you will have coming in NOT done with PermaBlend.
When we talk about correcting or neutralizing what we are working with, we
mean, one colour used in combination with another to neutralize the existing
Soft Yellow Corrector:
This colour can be used to correct violet, purple or blue brows.
Pumpkin and Golden Corrector:
Can be used to correct blue-gray brows. The reason for both colours is just
in the intensity of the greys you are dealing with.
Olive Corrector:
Can be used to correct red, orange or pink brows

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