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DIAMOND — universally used short stroke machine for any permanent make-up technique, compatible with the majority of the popular modules and power supply units.

It is based on the innovative German motor by well-known Faulhaber company which enables the user to feel confidence when working on any skin area.


Perfect pixels for powder eyebrow tattoo;

Low injury risk for eyes (lash enhancement, wings and eyeshadows);

Even lip covering;

Flawless fine lines, single hairs and contour tattoo.


Main advantages include modern powerful motor, calibrated balance and no any noise or vibration.

Needle bar stroke. Short stroke of 2.5 mm enables solid covering at a high speed with minimal skin injury risk.

Power. Upgraded motor allows DIAMOND machine to draw even more accurate and smooth lines, thus making it an ideal tool for hairstrokes.

Balance. Machine’s weight focus is in the middle of the body which enables a user to feel no muscle strain for a long time. Ergonomic machine body fits perfectly the hand of a tattoo master becoming its integral part.


Main characteristics:

Length: 115 mm

Grip size: 21 mm

Weight: 92 g

Connector: RCA (clip cord is included)

Motor power: 6W

Voltage: 8V

Rotational speed: 10 000 rpm

Needle stroke: 2.5 mm

Colours: Stealth, Gunmetal

Warranty and maintenance service: 1 year

Motor: Faulhaber (Germany)

Designed in the USA

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